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Enjoy your LIFE with Chiropractic Care.

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Making Care Affordable.

No insurance?
No problem! We believe corrective chiropractic care should be accessible for every family, so we have created our own cost effective care plans.

Got insurance?
That’s ok too. We are insurance friendly. Bring your card to your first appointment and we’ll take a copy to verify if your insurance company participates with our office.

Why care plans?
Most American’s really don’t have insurance, the ones that do often find that their chiropractic benefits are too limited to cover what their body really needs.

Let’s face it. Insurance companies aren’t designed for creating wellness or long term health. They are part of the sick care system. And worse yet, often times it seems their financial bottom line matters more than your health. We won’t stand for that. We want families to have regular chiropractic care for life – because people getting adjusted regularly are healthier! We are proud to have created a system that makes long-term family wellness possible.

We support our military and their families since we know they need to have access to chiropractic care. So we have created special care plans for them.


Peter S Practice member since 2011
Once again Dr V saved the day! I feel bad just walking in on Dr V. but migraines don't make appointments...yet he never turns me away.

I was stricken with a killer migraine, started 11pm on Monday and I had not slept all night. The following morning I drove my Self to Dr V's office, He of course was seeing to a patient but soon had me on the table. When he adjusted my neck It was like he opened up a drain, the relief was nearly instantaneous. And I slept so well that night, something I rarely do.

Olga M Practice member since 2012
I really love the way Dr. Vanella treated me and my mother. My mom had 14 sessions because of her back hernia and pain in the joint. The treatment and suggested exercise helped her to stop using the cane and she was able to walk without being in lots of pain at the end of the day.

Joyce T Practice member since 2013
I just want to Thank you so much, I have been hurting really bad for so long, and just one visit you created a new look on life for me. The pull I was feeling in my Neck, Rib & Low Back is gone, my eyes & sinuses are not burning today and I finally feel like there is hope and I will not always be in this pain forever. I could never Thank you enough.

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