Advanced Chiropractic Technology - CORE Score

Your CORE Score number provides a comprehensive picture of your overall spinal and neurological health. This feature is exclusive to the Insight and represents one of the biggest breakthroughs in chiropractic assessment in the past 20 years. With the ability to consolidate all the data from the Pulse Waver Profiler, Thermography, and sEMG tests into a single overall impression, your chiropractor can make more accurate care recommendations and have better clarity regarding your health outcomes. The results from these tests can now be communicated with one number on the CORE Score scale from 0-100. This number provides the doctors at Vanella Chiropractic with information that reflects the overall impression of your patient's NeuroSpinal health. Further, this metric provides clinical objectivity. Patients and chiropractors alike have long needed a single tangible goal for ongoing chiropractic services. With the Insight’s CORE Score, we now have it!

The Insight Subluxation Station provides a comprehensive picture of your NeuroSpinal health. This technology is certified by the space foundation and has been used on astronauts, Olympic gold medalists, and Super Bowl champions. Using these technologies and getting your NSFI number, your chiropractor will have a clear understanding of your body and your overall health.

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