As I have been on my own personal healing journey throughout my life, this year has been one of the most impactful of all of them. Revisiting changes I once made in my life through the “New You in 52” has allowed me to regain many things I lost as crucial elements to my well-being. The other main thing that I can attribute this to is the deeper relationship I have formed with God. Many week’s changes have allowed this blossoming relationship in my life. I would like to share some of the things that I have learned in my own spiritual journey in hopes to allow you to recognize the brilliance we all have available to us always.

This week, we are going to explore our own God connection. This will mean something different for you than me and if so, that is okay and perfect! I can only share my interpretation of my own experience and results. For me, finding my God connection was recognizing and accepting the likeness that I was created in. To do that, I will share a bit more about my upbringing. Throughout my life, the religious beliefs that I was born into was that of judgment and fear more than acceptance, forgiveness and love. This model made me run as far as I could even from the word “God”. I was hard core card carrying atheist for a long time. In time, I found myself on a very spiritual journey versus a religious one. Moving to a slower life in Virginia allowed me the downtime to further explore this.

I knew that as God created this beautiful world and the universe, he too created all living beings and that included me. I began to recognize the same brilliance in nature within me. I too am not only capable, but beyond worthy of beauty, abundance, purity, effortlessness, peace and purity. I realized that no mistakes have been made in my creation. I have been provided for with the life lessons I need to experience to grow my soul.

So where does God come in? Our egos have taken the pureness of the expression of God and dimmed that expression. That is where we lose our God like image as we “Edge God Out = EGO”. All the dimming and edging out isn’t the life plan that a loving God would have for His/Her children. A loving parent wants their children to know, feel and live the brilliance they are made of. A loving parent wants to see their children reach their full potential and live out their life’s purpose while serving others through love. This too is what God wants for His/Her children! Why would we ever think or believe something else?

We all have this huge potential and we are not limited unless we allow limitations! I stopped allowing limitations in my life. I am capable if I clear my spirit and allow it’s full expression. Also as a chiropractor, I am chosen to use my hands as a facilitator in healing. Although they are my hands, I am not doing the healing. I am merely a catalyst for God’s brilliance within us all to shine brighter and allow the body to heal with the perfection he created us with versus band aid remedies like medications that actually rob the body further of health and wholeness. Overall, in chiropractic… we allow God’s brilliance to be completely expressed!

I have also learned the power of manifestation by using the law of attraction and power of affirmations in my life. As I grow this level of connection with God, I have seen things manifest in my life within seconds versus years to decades. I know in my heart there are no coincidences in these occurances. In fact, co-incidence is a mathematical term that means two angles that fit together perfectly. So, humans have evolved something that means perfect connection to mean that two things have nothing to do with each other. It is just chance. Can you see the power of perception and how original truth can be altered?
I have learned that the only thing that I can ever be deficient in is my connection to God. All else is exactly as it should be and my heavenly Creator is my guardian and protector in the same way that I protect my family. With this in mind things that I pray for or areas in my life that I may begin to feel are not where they need to be, I am reminded that all is perfect. Just like I didn’t allow my son to stick a pen in an electrical socket or allow him to stay over at a friend’s house for whatever reason, I am doing so for a reason that they may or may not understand. God too makes those choices for our lives out of love and protection. If we own this, how could we doubt that we are cared for perfectly at all times? We can’t. We can then live in each moment as the present gift that life is and celebrate in the peace that we have available if we can get out of our own way and connect back to God.

This term and these concepts are called God Consciousness. It is becoming more well-known and diversely accepted as human consciousness expands. As we become aware of our own presence of God and God connection, we can then see that it is in all of humanity no matter the color of skin, sex, race, religious beliefs and so on. We can see any & all people as an innocent, pure children of God because that is what they are even if they call God a different name. Even if they don’t believe in God’s existence, they are a child of God. Seeing the perfection & pureness in others may be easier than seeing it in yourself at first. If that works better for you, go there. Either way you are filling yourself with love no matter where it is directed.

Love is EVERYONE’S life lessons. If love was our religion, would war exist? Would racism exist? Would murder exist? Would abuse exist? Even people that claim to be religious or “saved” do not exemplify the presence of God’s love. This is why God Consciousness is so important because understanding the existence of God isn’t enough or we would be living in peace and religion would have long solved our issues.

So, this week, let LOVE be your religion. Don’t throw out your beliefs, just fill them all with love. See how you are not only created in God’s image, but how you can act more like God? How can you serve others through love?

Good luck as you continue this transformative journey! I know that each week we are all closer to a more whole, happier version of ourselves. Give yourself a hug or pat on the back for all your weeks of hard work! Week 52 is coming so fast!