We have gotten to a point that our list is too long to keep listing each week. Congratulations! That is how far you have already come and how much you have already accomplished in 14 weeks. This week, we are going to let go of preconceived ideas. Very often in life, we form opinions or personal truths based on information & ideas passed down within our family or within our group of friends. We get set on these ideas and over time, feel that it is what is right and needed. In reality, there are several sides to all stories. There are many version of truth as well. It is important to not be attached to “our” way and open our minds to possible learning or letting go instead. This is how we get wise over the years.

One of the main things I enjoy in my life is letting go of something that I see with blinders on and adapt to a bigger perspective. There is such humbleness, growth and oddly release with filling the mind with a new version or perspective. It also is a good reminder in not being attached to things and thoughts as much as we tend to as human beings. We tend to overthink things and holding onto these preconceived ideas at times is part of the struggle within. Sometimes just letting things flow even if we don’t understand it is experiencing true freedom.

There are cases where our preconceptions can keep us from having new & amazing experiences. For example, visiting a new place, eating something we think we might not like, meeting a new friend or trying something out of the ordinary are all examples of things that our ideas might hinder as something that we may actually enjoy or even come to love.

There are times that preconceptions could even keep us from experiencing love. It could be the love of your life because you saw them looking a certain way. It could be we are taught we are wrong, will struggle in life and so on, so we may have a hard time truly loving ourselves and realizing all we deserve as God’s children. It could be in a stranger we pass in the store where we are told to be aware of “that kind” but the exchange of smiles could have helped both parties day to be much brighter.

Good luck this week! I know that each week we are all closer to a more whole, happier version of ourselves!