We are moving along and it is time to step it up a little bit. We are going to continue to eliminate negative thinking, label read what we eat and be sure to breathe throughout the day. However now we are going to add onto eliminating negative thoughts by starting to introduce more positive ones to our brain. This week we start using positive affirmations in as many areas of life as we can think of.

I have heard about mind over matter my entire life. Throughout chiropractic school I was able to meet dozens of mentors and countless students that had changed their entire life around compared to where they came from. Their life stories were impactful. They decided to change their course of likelihood in their life. In order to do that, you have to have a made up mind. In order to truly accomplish anything, you have to have a made up mind. That is the power if the mind.

With this information, daily positive affirmations alone have changed many people’s lives. Mental health is a part of health as well. One of the most important part in my opinion. According to best selling author, Lousie Hay, 90% of our physical ailments are due to stored emotional baggage. Letting go of this baggage through breath and positive affirmations as well as creating this to be a daily way of life is the key to succeeding at most anything!

What do you want to accomplish? Where do you feel the most weak? What is the biggest thing you feel is holding you back or do you resist? Use that to form your positive affirmation. It is crucial when making affirmation to do exactly what is intended… keep them in the positive. Thus meaning do not use negatives. For example: “I will not smoke cigarettes.” In reality, our brain is neurologically wired to ignore negative and hear positive even when not or no is used so in reality, we hear “I will smoke cigarettes.” A better option would be, “I breathe only healthy, pure air.”

One of my main positive affirmations is “I seek to be the change that I am meant to be in this world.” Another affirmation is “I eat only healthy, cell thriving foods.” Another one is “ I am full of love, light and pureness.” I actually make up all kinds of different affirmation throughout the week. I learn from creating them and find out how to empower myself. Let me know if you need any help coming up with a good affirmation for you.