It is already a month into making changes! In one month, we have started to eliminate negative thinking, label reading what we eat, recognizing the importance of breathing and add positive affirmations into our daily lives. This week we are going to add onto label reading from week 2 and step it up by doing something other than just being aware. This week we are going to eliminate high fructose corn syrup (also fructose) and dyes from our diet. Please remember that diet is a term that defines what we eat, not a fad way of eating.

I do realize this is two things opposed to the one thing per week. The reason I included those together is because they are often in the same item like non-cane sugar based sodas, juices, cereals and more. These are two items that if eliminated together, you won’t see as much of a difference since if you are eliminating one, you would in most foods be automatically eliminating the other.

High fructose corn syrup (fructose) is extremely processed, disease causing (especially diabetes), is not a real food even though taken from a crop. Here is the perfect way I heard a nutritionist and leading medical doctor describe it. If you think of a coca plant that cocaine come from, the plant itself is not harmful or toxic. Those cultures drink coca tea and it actually offers healing benefits without side effects. However, if you utilize chemicals to turn it into cocaine, it becomes dangerous, unhealthy and deadly. The same is true for high fructose corn syrup especially as well as fructose in general. Corn and fruit have a natural sweetener to them. When we extract them, and change them from nature’s way with chemicals, there is no way that item can continue to be healthy or good. In realty, high fructose corn syrup is the cocaine version of corn versus coca.
Now to cover dyes. Dyes are illegal in many other countries due to the devastating health effects but mostly because of the link to cancer as well as learning disabilities with children. Red #3 & #40 are some of the most toxic and cancer causing compared to some of the others. However, all dyes have been shown to create something potentially unhealthy.

All of them have shown an increase of incidence of tumor growth in mice! How is this allowed and deemed safe by the FDA?! Why don’t the companies care? The easy answer if researched (not just my opinion) is because of money. With sick products come sick people and the wheel between unhealthy eating creating disease and then in turn fueling the medical world with sick customers keeps turning. America spends the most money out of any country in the world on healthcare yet we are only ranked 37th in the world! as Also medicine, even when properly practiced, is the 3rd leading cause of death in America. What is even more upsetting is that cardiovascular disease and cancer are #1 & #2. Those too are also created by the unhealthy “food” we consume as well as failing medical practices.

It is absurd that companies want to make a product less healthy intentional but even toxic just for a buck. This is extremely perturbing when beets, blueberries, curcumin and other cheap, all natural foods/spices have been used for decades instead of dyes.

Some side effects of consuming high fructose corn syrup are weight gain & obesity, risk of developing Type 2 diabetes, hypertension & elevate “bad” cholesterol, liver damage, mercury exposure, overgrowth of heart muscle, speeding up aging and more.

Some side effects of consuming dyes are brain tumors & other developing cancer, dermatitis, learning disabilities, purpura, allergies, asthma, chromosomal deformities, depression and more.

I will recommend a few great documentaries over the course of the upcoming months so that way you can start to research for yourself and hear more of the whole picture. This will be your extra homework in weeks to motivate you with a fast, information jammed packed documentary. This week I am recommending you watch “Hungry for Change” on Netflix. It is a little over an hour and packed with the most basic topics that we are obligated to learn.

Health is ultimately up to each individual despite what any doctor may tell you. Only you can make the choice to eat food for life or disease causing “food”. Only you can make the choice to exercise, keep up with regular chiropractic care, drink water, eliminate toxins and more. The great news is that you are reading this so you are already proactive in your health. Yes, it can be and is overwhelming, but we will get there together and you will be healthier, happier and wiser for it!