Last week we started the work on eliminating the most toxic ingredient in life possible. Negative thinking, programming and self-doubt! We will continue to revisit this throughout the year. This is something that definitely takes time and practice in the beginning as well sometimes challenging life situations, so be patient with yourself. It has been how many years one way? It is okay for it to take time for this new outlook and way of being.

So… for week 2 we are going to switch over to one of the most crucial aspects of health and life. Food. We are going to in time pay close attention to what we put in our bodies. If you are not a label reader now, it is imperative that you start. There is so much information on labels. Asides from nutritional intake and serving size, in my opinion the most valuable information is listed under “Ingredients”. What follows the colon (:) in “Ingredients:”, is crucial for your digestive colon! Many times it is nearly impossible to pronounce listed ingredients let alone many people don’t even think twice about an ingredient list that is 20 to 30 items long when it is for bread.

In reality in a simple loaf it takes flour and water only. In a complex loaf it may contain salt, yeast, egg, milk or other natural ingredients; however it shouldn’t list things like the label below on the left does. Ingredients like on the left have no place in promoting an item to be healthy. Fresh is healthy. Pure is healthy. Anything else is dis-ease creating if consumed in anything but minute amounts. On the other hand, the label on the right is for a whole food bread. What do you think is digestable? What do you think promotes health and proper function? See the label for yourself and think about it.

With starting to label read in week 2, I merely want you to have a much deeper awareness of your food. That is it. You can eat it if you want but mostly start having the realization of how much food that is part of your diet consists of ingredients as on the left versus the right. Think of your body as a filter. How can your body filter chemicals, preservatives and pesticides? If you are putting unrecognizable ingredients in your body, how is this the proper fuel for function and overall health? Whole foods = Fuel. You will see for yourself as living proof in the weeks to come.

In the next few weeks, we are going to start eliminating certain ingredients from our diet. We are going to find healthier alternatives and gradually switch to a diet that consists of complete, whole foods. Whole foods are veggies, fruits, grains, healthy meats & dairy, natural sweeteners like honey and more. This may seem absurd or it may seem great to you depending on your overall goal. If a goal of yours is to live a high quality life with as little aches, pains and medications hindering you from your fullest potential… then either get pumped or excited but at least hang in there. There will be challenging in moments ahead but the gradual changes will make it even more rewarding & long lasting in the long run.

If this is something that you have already changed in life and are successful with the change, then honor that success and reward yourself by practicing extra hard at week 1 or set your own personal goal for this week. There may be some weeks in the course of the 52 we do that you already have changed, achieved or mastered. If that the case, celebrate in this victory! Recognize this accomplishment and reassure yourself that you are going to continue this change in life and the purpose of its importance.